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adventure holiday weekend road trip

Plan your next

adventure holiday weekend road trip

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AI road trip generator

Get your trip started with the AI road trip generator. Put in your start point, where you plan to finish, how long you’d like to travel for and when you’d like to start. Traveld will give you a proposed road trip ready for you to customise in the AI road trip planner.
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Plan your journey with our state-of-the-art trip planner! Map your route, your waypoints and stop over times. Work out your travel times, calculate your arrival time and even see if you’re going to arrive before sunset with enough time to set up camp or get in some exploring before dark.

With our trip planner, your journey will be seamlessly
organised, allowing you to maximize your precious time on the road and create unforgettable memories at every step.


Not one for planning? Or perhaps you want a record for another time? Track where you have been and record how much money you have spent and on what. However you travel, use Traveld to calculate your carbon footprint and offset it. When it comes to making plans with friends, especially for a road trip or holiday, having the best road trip planner or group travel planner can make all the difference.

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Travel more. Travel better. 

Our AI tools will give you inspiration for trip ideas or provide recommendations. It’s time to seize the day and make your travel dreams a reality.
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Making memories is what travelling is all about. Collect notes, add photos and videos to your maps building an interactive journal of your travels. Add travel companions to travel together


When making plans with friends and organising a memorable trip, utilising the best AI road trip planner and group travel planner is essential. Hook up your social accounts and share to your social media accounts. You can bring in memories and share your travel dashboard with family and friends, letting people know your progress as you go.

travel planner


  • Timeline
  • Map multistop route
  • Route broken down day to day
  • Travel time estimate
  • Travel diary
  • Sunrise & Sunset for each day
  • Weather for day of the trip
  • Daily total distance, time travelled
  • Fuel usage and cost
  • Total distance, time for entire trip
  • Total distance, time travelled for all trips
  • Carbon calculator
  • Buy trees offset travel
  • Travel Group
  • Invite friends
  • Task list
  • Calendar
  • Public shared view

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Welcome to Traveld+ – where your travel experience reaches new heights, unencumbered by ads and limitations. Say goodbye to interruptions and hello to unlimited adventure. Here’s just a taste of what awaits you:
Unleash Your Wanderlust:
With Traveld+, the world is your oyster. Seamlessly plan and execute unlimited trips without the distractions of ads.
Capture Every Moment:
Upload photos directly from your device to immortalize your adventures. Share the beauty of your journeys without delay.
Elevate Your Journey:
Your journey begins at home with our intuitive dashboard, offering a bird’s-eye view of your app usage, trip details, and more.


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We’ve started a journey. For every paid plan we’ll be planting trees and our planning tool now gives you the tools to offset your next grand adventure. This is just the start of something great. Find out more
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We provide offsets through our provider Ecologi.
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