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Plan your next

adventure holiday weekend road trip

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Plan your next

adventure holiday weekend road trip

Coming soon:


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Plan your journey! Map your route, your waypoints and stop over times. Work out your travel times, calculate your arrival time and even see if you’re going to arrive before sunset with enough time to set up camp or get in some exploring before dark.

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Travel more. Travel better.  We’ve developed tools to help you (and us!) bring more adventure to your days, weekends and holidays. 
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Not one for planning? Or perhaps you want a record for another time? Track where you have been and record how much money you have spent and on what. However you travel you can calculate your work out your carbon footprint and ways to offset it.

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Making memories is what travelling is all about. Collect notes, add photos and videos to your maps building an interactive journal of your travels. Add travel companions to work as a team

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We’ve started a journey.

every paid plan we’ll be planting trees and our planning tool now gives you the tools to offset your next grand adventure. This is just the start of something great. Find out more here


We provide offsets through our provider Ecologi.
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Hook up your social accounts, share to your social media accounts. You can bring in memories and share your travel dashboard with family and friends letting people know your progress as you go.

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Pro Plans. 

Get the extra you need starting at less than a cup of coffee a month. 

All of our plans are billed annually. Get 12 months for the price of 10 for a limited time only

$ 2
Per month. Billed yearly
  • Plant a tree
  • 5 Trips
  • 5 Group members

$ 5
Per month. Billed yearly
  • Plant 2 trees
  • 10 Trips
  • 10 Group members

$ 7
Per month. Billed yearly
  • Plant 5 trees
  • 15 Trips
  • 15 Group members

$ 15
Per month. Billed yearly
  • Plant 10 trees
  • 25 Trips
  • 20 Group members

Feature List.

  • Timeline
  • Map multistop route
  • Route broken down day to day
  • Travel time estimate
  • Travel diary
  • Sunrise & Sunset for each day
  • Weather for day of the trip
  • Daily total distance, time travelled 
  • Fuel usage and cost
  • Total distance, time for entire trip
  • Total distance, time travelled for all trips
  • Carbon calculator
  • Buy trees offset travel
  • Travel Group
  • Invite friends
  • Task list
  • Calendar
  • Public shared view


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