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Hi! We’re Andy and Lauren, the husband and wife team behind

Like many, our careers and jobs have been a huge part of our lives. So we’ve always planned to plan more time for travelling into our lives. Now with two small kids who are keen on adventure, we wanted to make it happen – even in the middle of a global pandemic!

We looked around for something that would help us plan, to help keep us accountable, and save those trips and memories and share with those we are closest to. Bonus points if we could plan trips with family and friends along the way. Well, we didn’t find it. So armed with our backgrounds in advertising and technology, we’ve embarked on a new journey. 

We’ve developed to be all of these things, to help you (and us!) bring more adventure to your days, weekends and holidays. To provide everyone with a tool to help make (and stick to) plans so that being busy doesn’t get in the way of new experiences. We want to give our kids and us a childhood they will never forget and hope it can help fulfil your dreams as well. 

Is this a product just for families with kids? Absolutely not. We know how important friends and family are and how being busy can get in the way of quality time together. So get everyone on board and start planning your next adventure.

Maybe we’ll see you out there!

Andy + Lauren

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